Škoda Smartlink+

The SmartLink+ system integrates Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink®. Thanks to that, the car’s infotainment system lets you use the phone safely while driving. After making a connection, you can handle calls, listen to music or use the navigation via the infotainment system. The SmartLink+ system enables you to access live data about your drive.

With touchscreens now prevalent in almost every new car on sale, it makes it much easier for manufacturers to integrate mobile phone technology into their in-car systems.

For iPhone users, CarPlay is the only means of connection other than Bluetooth audio. Many Android users have the choice of MirrorLink or Android Auto. The latter system is more similar to CarPlay in that it is a ‘closed’ system, with dedicated software for features such as navigation and voice control, that displays information in a formatted design.

MirrorLink is an open-source system, so the list of compatible apps that you can use in your car is increasing all the time and MirrorLink displays the available apps in tiled form. One important point to note is that MirrorLink’s open-source nature means that its functionality will continue to change over time, and the Car Connectivity Consortium responsible for managing it is considering the possibility of allowing vehicle data to be shared for usage-based insurance policies.

SmartLink is available to Skodas with the Columbus, Bolero and Amundsen infotainment systems.

Škoda Smartlink+

Android Auto

Android Auto extends the Android platform to the car. Use familiar apps and services on your dashboard screen. Compatible with Android 5.0 and higher.

Škoda Android Auto

Apple carplay

CarPlay takes the apps you want in your iPhone while driving and puts them right on your car’s built-in display. Compatible with iPhone 5 and higher.

Škoda Apple carplay

Whether you want to select and listen to music on your smartphone or receive turn-by-turn directions, all of this is available on the central display. SmartLink+ offers that to.

Škoda Mirrorlink
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