MMI Region conversion

As you might know each region have it’s own specifics. Like for example USA have radio step 0.2 on odd numbers while Europa have step 0.1. The list with support languages is also different for each region. In this case you need MMI Region conversion service.

When you import vehicle from other region the MMI system might not work to its best performance.

If this is your case then don’t hesitate to contact us. We will perform region conversion on your system so it works just like it was produced for your region. DTC error free!

There are a lot of files shared everywhere in the public stating that this software auto-magically convert your MMI and activated all options. There is however big risk when you take something form unknown source. Moreover, with incomplete documentation and you try to do it yourself. If something goes wrong then you will have to go over complicated process of MMI Recovery.

Dont put at risk your expensive MMI system with files found in the public space with unknown sources. Our process is complete and tested many times, always with perfect results. WIth incomplete software and documentation the process of MMI Region conversion easy can evelve in a process of MMI Recovery.

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