Google Earth saga and VW Group

As many of you know since December 2020 Google Earth is no longer working on all VW Group.
Audi did announced that late 2018 but got serious push-back form the customers (mostly US guys), and they were right.
Because of that VW Group created service actions like TPI 91 20 23 2060681/1 October 22, 2020 of Audi of America.
EU and other regions should have similar documents too but at the time of writing this post i dont have official information. That covers most but not all of the affected vehicles. If there is a support for your car you can visit the local dealer and ask for update. This way you will get the new Satellite Map option.

Status summary

A3 MY2017+ vehicles with Navigation system – High (7UG) solution with software update
R8 vehicles with Navigation system – High (7UG) solution with software update
TT vehicles with Navigation system – High (7UG) solution with software update
Selected A4/A5/Q5/Q7 vehicles with Navigation system – High (7UG) are covered with software update, mainly MY2018+ Navigation HIGH with QualComm chip inside. (MHI2Q)
So far there is no fix for all older models with MMI 3G+ systems.
All A6/A8 MY2015+ are not covered by any of the service actions and in my opinion they wont be.
A4/A5/Q5/Q7 vehicles with Navigation system – High (7UG) that are not covered by the TPI document (have system with nVidia chip inside) are also affected. As they do share same hardware as A3 MY2017+ they might get coverage at later stage.

Official VW Group statement is that the hardware is not compatible with the new requirements for sat map images.
As some of you might think … this is not truth.

The new Satellite maps

Back in 2015 3 Top German car manufacturers bought Here maps. That was the beginning of the end for Google Earth in VW Group.
Is it because of the fees of some other issues we will never know. The fact is that from that moment Here maps began to develop it’s own Satellite Map image engine.
Not long after it was ready for tests and in 2018 it appeared in the new A8 model. Later was followed by A6/A7 and MY2021 models.
Although the logo Google remained (slightly different) the service was provided by Here maps.

So whether we like it or not Google Earth maps in it’s pure form is going away from VW Group. Sad as they were the first to offer such functionality back in 2010.

The official software update from VW

The good news is that if your car is covered and you have active subscription for Audi Connect you can visit the local dealer and ask for update.
For cars up to 48 Months/50,000 Miles that is free of charge in US, not sure how it will be in EU.
If you feel confident in your self and want to try that update by yourself then i will share all software packs and a manual.
The actual software update process is not that different than the one of the older MMI systems.

The solution for all others that were left behind

For those that dont have such luck and have older models there is also a solution, you can contact us for details.

Downgrade to 3638 (MU0917) manual

Downgrade to 4203 (MU1168) manual

MMI Software packs

Downgrade to MU0917

Other services