MMI Recovery

Like every other electronic device that have software running on it, MMI also can suffer from problems with that software. Most of the times the hardware is working just fine, it’s the software that makes us trouble. The MMI system in your car have automatic MMI Recovery routines that will help it recover to working state. Sometime however that is not possible.

MMI consists of a single integrated interface, which controls a variety of devices and functions of the car. The system consists of the MMI terminal and the MMI display screen. If its not working properly you might loose control of main vehicle systems like light control, tire pressure system control, park distance control & etc. Sound system can be also part of the MMI or separate system but if MMI is not working then the sound system will not be able to work too. MMI Recovery to the rescue.

There are a lot of files shared everywhere in the public stating that with this software you will have free maps or free CarPlay and etc. There is however big risk when you take something form unknown source with incomplete documentation and you try to do it yourself. If something goes wrong then you will have to go over complicated process of MMI Recovery.

Automated recovery process in action
Automatic recovery process.

If there is power loss during software update or wrong software version is used the MMI might become unusable. In such case special tools and software packages are needed to perform a complicated process of manual MMI Recovery. If this happens to you then we can always fix the software of your MMI.

Manual recovery process
Manual recovery process.

Because of the nature of the work this work can be performed only locally.

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