Audi DELPHI MHS2 Scale NAR MAP Activation

The Audi models equipped with Delphi MHS2 Scale for the American marking does not have navigation option from factory. The navigation function is not available to be ordered and its missing form the software its self. We are proud to offer you the opiton to add that missing navigation option to your MIB2 Scale system and have up to date map displayed on the MMI screen.

Supported systems

This activation is only for MIB2 Scale systems (MHS2 Scale) made by Delphi installed in Audi vehicles. Therefore, only systems with two SD card slots are compatibe. Bellow you can see how the system looks.

MIB Scale system types
MIB Scale system types

How its done

Copy the activation document on SD card. It is for vehicles with MIB2 Standard navigation system MHS2. You simply insert the SD card in the unit and wait for about 5 min. As a result, MMI will restart two time and the activation codes will be valid. After that, will be ready to use the new MAP. For the map you will need 32GB SD card, copy the MAP on that SD and insert in the MHS2 Scale system. The MMI will check the SD and in about 2-3 min you will have up to date navigation map.

Software version check

Enter in the RED Engineering menu (NAV UP RADIO Down) select Version information and make a photo or write down the train version and the MU version.

Enter in the RED Engineering menu
Audi Delphi MSH2 Scale Map + Activation 2021 - red menu
Select Version information
Make a photo or write down the train version and the MU version
Or make a photo of this screen.


Activation is bound to specific VIN number and cannot be used in other car. However, It can be reused as many times as need in the same car that was ordered for. It is compatible only wih MHS2 Scale Delphi

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