MMI Software update

The MMI system in your Audi is like your notebook, just smaller. Every once in a while there is MMI software update released that fixes discovered bugs and/or adds new functionality. We can provide latest software updates for your system so you can have the best out of it.

Process will well documented in a easy to read manual full of graphical illustrations of every step. We will also offer support during and after the update. Moreover, you can request the manual before you decide whether to update or not so you can review and evaluate if this is a task that you can manage or not. With a good preparation the process alwasy goes smooth. Normally it takes between 40 min and 1 hour depending on the car equipment. Because its not advised to keed the engine idling you can either have a battery charger connected or you can limit the energy consumption. You can do that by turning off all lights and avoid opening or colsing of the doors while the MMI Software update process is not completed.

MMI Software update
Example image taken from the manual

You will not need any tools, only one 64GB SD card and 2h of time.

There are a lot of files shared everywhere in the public stating that with this software you will have free maps or free CarPlay and etc. There is however big risk when you take something form unknown source. Moreover, with incomplete documentation and you try to do it yourself. If something goes wrong then you will have to go over complicated process of MMI Recovery.

Original software

We get the latests software updates direct from dealer. Our update packs are alwasy original and complete, no more missing updates or incomplete instructions. Dont put at risk your expensive MMI system with files found in the public space with unknown sources.

Original MMI/PCM software update
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