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Infotainment system region change

As you might know each region have it’s own specifics. Like for example USA have radio step 0.2 on odd numbers while Europa have step 0.1. The list with supported languages is also different for each region. In this case you need MMI Region conversion service.

Apple CarPlay & Android auto

Many cars offers Smartphone connectivity. That option is not always activated by the factory. Either because it was never purchased or dealer cant do it because they say that the system is not compatible. Contact us for compatibility check and activation.

Navigation updates

Road map never stops to evolve. The map data in your MMI does not automatically gets the new roads, it needs to be updated. Contact for latest map data for your car.

Our Services

What we can offer?

  • Debugging

    Finding solutions to complicated issues in regards to MMI system.

  • Developing

    Custom problems require custom solution

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