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As of Dec 2020 Google Earth was disabled for all vehicles older than MY2018. For the MY2018 and later Audi introduced Google Earth Replacement in the face of Here Sattelite Maps. Audi Google Earth Fix Update is available as software update and its free of charge. However, they left all legacy MMI systems w/o that option. But there are good news after all. After deep and extensive research we were able to find a solution to this problem. We are happy to announce that Google Earth (GEMMI / GEMIB) will work again on all vehicles that lost it. You can have the Google Satellite Map back again even after 1st January 2021.

In 2012, Google and Audi came together to offer an industry first, Google Earth imagery as part of our navigation systems. The technology that Google uses to deliver Google Earth imagery is constantly evolving and updating. As of December 31st, 2020,Google Earth will no longer be compatible with the hardware in select model year 2018 and older Audi vehicles. As a result of this change, after 12/31/20, affected vehicles will no longer be able to receive Google Earth images on the navigation screen. Rest assured, all other Audi connect services will remain available as long as there is a compatible service network to support them.

Audi or America

Check system type

There is support for any MMI3G+ or RNS850 systems with SIM slot or MIB1/2 systems.

Audi MMI Software version GEMMI
Audi MIB software version GEMIB

Check map type

If you have the “Google Earth” option then your system is compatible. There is no support for the “Satellite Map” option. 

Satellite Map or Google Map GEMIB


There is 6 month limited warranty. You will get up to 50% refund if the software stop working before the end of 6th month and we are not able to fix it.
In some cases warranty can be void if the end user tries to use activation that was already used or to install in car different than the one that was purchased for. Any form of sharing the activation will also lead to immediate termination of the software license which will make the software component useless. Legacy MMI3G+ systems are not covered by that waranty.


This is a custom software component that acts like a bridge between the MMI system and the endpoint servers. It will only bring back the Google sat map (GEMMI / GEMIB) display on the MMI system, it will not activate maps or other features of the MMI. You will not need active connect package subscription but you will need active data connection to function properly. It is there to address cars for which there is no Audi Google Earth Fix.

Activation bundle

Contact us so we can check availability for your system and prepare activation pack. Price for MMI3G+ / RNS850 is 75Euro
Price for MIB1/2 is 150Euro

Turn GEMMI / GEMIB back on

You will receive activation bundle and a manual with pictures describing the steps. After completing the steps you will be able to use the Googel Satellite Map again.

Tired of boring old map? Get Google Earth now!

Audi Google Earth Fix for GEMMI and GEMIB
Audi MIB2 Google Earth
RNS850 Google Earth
VW RNS850 Google Earth
Porsche PCM4 Google Earth
Porsche PCM Google Earth

Google Earth Stuck on loading?

Audi Google Earth Stuck on loading? Audi Google Earth Fix will resolve that.

Sometimes you might get the message bellow or the Satellite map just fails to load. If this happens to you it then you need the Google Earth Fix.

It is not currently possible to connect to the my Audi server. GEMMI/GEMIB
Google Earth is offile and cannot be updated
RNS850 might show this message if there is no connectivity or the MMI cannot talk to the backend servres.
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