Audi DELPHI MHS2 Scale NAR MAP Activation

US Audi’s with MIB Scale units (MHS2) does not have navigation at all … but this does not have to be like this. We present you MIB Scale Delphi unit runnig US software with USA maps.

Škoda Smartlink+

The SmartLink+ system integrates Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink®. CarPlay takes the apps you want in your iPhone. Android Auto extends the Android platform to the car.

Audi DELPHI MHS2 Scale MAP + Activation 2022/2023

MAP and activation is for DELPHI MHS2 Scale systems (MIBS) made by Delphi installed in Audi’s. You simply insert the SD card in the MMI and enjoy.

Audi smartphone interface

Apple Carplay and Android Auto are capable of showing useful apps like Waze, Google Maps, Spotify and much more. Get yours activated now!

Virtual cockpit Sport layout

The Audi Virtual Cockpit plus has also Sport layout. Normally this option is active only on S and RS models. Book for activation now!

MMI Region conversion

As you might know each region have it’s own specifics. Like for example USA have radio freq is different. MMI Region conversion service.

MMI Software update

The MMI system in your Audi is like your notebook. Every once in a while there is MMI Software update released. Get yours updated now!

MMI Recovery

Sometimes the MMI can suffer from software problems and it might need MMI Recovery. If this happens to you then we can repair your MMI infotainment system.

Google Earth

As of December 31st, 2020 Google Map (GEMMI/GEMIB) no longer works in MMI. We are happy to announce that there is Audi Google Earth Fix for that. Audi introduced Google Earth Replacement in the face of Here Sattelite Maps. You can have the Google Satellite Map back again.