Volkswagen car-net

Volkswagen Car-Net can perform a variety of duties. Satellite Navigation quickly sends you on your way and is instantly updated. Fuel station prices, weather and more help you to find the least expensive fueling station that has the best weather at any given time.

Whether you did a retrofit, or your car is missing the online options you might want to consider this. As long as you have MIB2 high unit VW car-net will work. The MMI must have internet either from internal SIM car or thru WiFi.

Volkswagen car-net - Main menu

Extend the functionality of the system by adding Google Earth maps.

Volkswagen car-net - Google Earth

Find the nearest parking place

Volkswagen car-net - Parking spots

Low on fuel? No problem, find the closest petrol station and compare prices.

Fuel prices

The only limitation is that you cant link your car to your phone using the Seat app. This is option available only for vehicles having that option from factory.

Volkswagen car-net - License overview

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